Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog Topic for the Week of February 11, 2008

This post is due by 11:59 pm on Sunday, February 17, 2008.

Visit this link -  Read the advice that is offered about writing cover letters.

Do you agree with all of the advice given here?  Are the points with which you disagree?

Which section of this tutorial is the most useful to you?

Is there anything of which you were not aware that you plan to use when you write your cover letter for your mock interview in this class?

Remember - mock interviews will take place during the week of February 25.  It's a good idea to begin drafting your cover letter soon, tailoring it to the job description to sent to me earlier in the semester.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blog topic for the Week of Feb 4, 2008

This blog is due by 11:59 pm on Sunday, February 10.

Visit this link -, and read the article.  You will be doing your mock interview in Second Life very soon.  Write a personal response to this article.  Do you think, after reading this article, that companies can get a quality interview with a candidate using a virtual world, such as Second Life?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blog Topic for the week of January 28

This post is due by 11:59 pm on February 3.

In Course Documents in Blackboard, you will find a link to a document called "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." Please research this history of this document by using Wikipedia. Find a more contemporary piece of persuasive writing on the Web, preferably something that is related to your major. For example, if you are in finance, you might look at writing on a Web site for a firm for which you would like to work. Compare and contrast the elements of persuasiveness that you find in "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and the persuasive writing that you find online.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Topic Due January 27 by 11:59 pm

This week, I would like for all of you to begin thinking about your resume and mock interview. As you look for a job description to send to me by Friday of next week (will be on your TO DO list for next week), it is important that you think about your future very seriously. As a result, I'd like for you to write a post about what you would like your life to be like in ten years.

For me, ten years doesn't seem like it's as far away as it likely does for you guys. (After you have kids, the years pass by much more quickly, lol.) I want to finish my Ph.D. in 2008, so this means that my career should change quite a bit. I have set pretty lofty goals for myself, but that's what got me to this point, so I might as well continue.

I would actually like to be back at Clemson in tens years' time. I plan to go to another school to teach for a couple of years after graduation; I think I'd like to teach at UGA because they have an excellent Education program. I am hoping that my career will really take off while I'm there. My goal is to have my dissertation published as a book; additionally, I plan to write a autobiographical novel about my own experiences while writing the dissertation. (Dissertation topic: What are the coping stategies of teen mothers who go on to two and four year colleges? I think this can be used to create a program that teaches other teen moms how to do it.)

I want to be on Oprah's show to discuss the novel/dissertation. Dream big, I always say. I really want to promote the program and get federal funding to put it in place. I believe the publicity attached to appearing on the Oprah show might help me with that. I wouldn't be opposed to winning an Oscar for writing a screenplay adaption of my novel; but my primary focus will be getting the program for teen moms going.

When I return to Clemson, I'd like to have such solid funding that I could start a laboratory school (kind of like what John Dewey did in the 20s) right here at Clemson. It'd be a school for the children of teen moms. In other words, the teen moms would be getting their degrees here without having to worry about daycare for their kids. My laboratory school would use incredibly innovative instructional techniques, modeled to an extent after the Reggio Emilia program in Italy. Meanwhile, the teen moms would have mentors to help them make it through their studies.

Of course, those are merely my professional goals. Personally, I'd like to be watching my two wonderful children blossum into happy young adults, living out their own professional and personal dreams. I'd like to be the kind of mom who talks to them every single day, regardless of where they live. I want to support them in all that they endeavor to do.

I want to still be married to my wonderful husband, hopefully having convinced him that travelling is good by that point. (He's not a fan of leaving the country.) I hope we are able to travel around together, learning about different cultures and just enjoying the freedom of being able to do that.

I will want to have a closer relationship with my other family members, bringing my life full circle. Being the first person in your family to go to college is a big thing, but it can alienate you to an extent. (I write this because I know some of you may soon be going through that.) It's just because your life can be so different with an education. I want to honor my family's culture with my writing... maybe doing a novel about my grandparents raising all those kids in the mountains. I want them to know that they have been a very important part of me getting to this point in my life.

Above all, I want to keep balance in my life by keeping my faith a top priority. One's faith, is, of course, a private thing, so I will not discuss that here. But I want to live both my professional and personal lives in such a way that I keep my faith a focus. That is very important to me.

So, ten years from now, I want to be there, in this world I've just described. I wish you luck as you endeavor to figure out where you want to go during this upcoming phase of your lives.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blog Topic for the Week of Jan. 14

This blog is due on January 20 by 11:59 pm.

I am enjoying all your introductory blogs! I hope that this next topic will prompt posts that are equally interesting.

For this week, I would like for you to watch this video:

Now, I'd like you to respond. What do you think the title of the video means? How does Web 2.0 affect someone who is ready to enter the workforce? How does it affect people who are already in the workforce? What do you think it means when it says that we will have to rethink everything?

Remember, this post is due on Sunday night, Sept. 9, at midnight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome, Second Life Students!

Welcome, Spring 2008 Students!

I hope that all of my students understand this Web journal assignment. If not, they may certainly ask questions here to clarify what exactly it is that I'd like for them to do.

First of all, the blogs are a place for students to interact with one another outside of Second Life. If a student has questions about completing an assignment, then he/she might write about how things are going thus far on the blog. My hope is that each student will find two or three other blog buddies and comment on their blogs. This way, if there are questions about an assignment, students can help one other by sharing ideas.

Research shows that meaningful learning takes place when learners are given the opportunity to reflect on learning experiences. Reflection is just a process of connecting new information to things that you already have stored in your brain. When you tie things together, you are more likely to remember them and use them later. Blogging is a good way to do this kind of reflection. (In fact, I do a lot of that myself on my personal blog. You should see some of the boring academic stuff I wrote when I had two classes this summer, lol.)

The more your write, the easier it gets to write. Additionally, the better your writing becomes. Blogging is kind of like weight training for the writing part of your brain.

My requirement for the blog is one post per week (can be on the personal or the team blog) per student. My expectation is that the posts demonstrate reflection on the activities we are doing in class. My hope is that students will branch out and comment on one another's blogs, helping one another through assignments. It's amazing how many ideas you can get on your own just by hearing other people's thoughts on a topic. Each post is worth ten points.

So, should you have any questions, please feel free to leave them as comments here. Happy blogging!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome SL Students!

I will use this blog for the online students who will be taking my Second Life Business Writing class.